Roche Children's Walk2016: Go ahead today For a better tomorrow

Planting hope and building a sustainable future


"What future of society? Will depend largely on youth. "Even though the big backlash in driving the world forward will remain mature. But cannot deny that preparing for youth to grow into a quality adult in the future is important. "Better quality of life" in terms of living, education or nutrition flowing from many sectors But distributing help to travel to the youth thoroughly is not easy. Especially in remote countries where many people may not have even heard of names like Malawi

Malawi, which lies in Africa Ranked as one of the poorest and poorest countries in the world Despite being densely populated but not very well known More than half of the youth under 15 years of this country are in a difficult situation. In addition to lacking educational opportunities These young people still have poor living conditions. Lack of basic consumer goods, including clothing, food that will be used to sustain life each dayIncluding medicine in illness Global Roche Group As a leader in medicine and health, which has developed, produced and sold quality new products, especially medicines and diagnostic tests that are not yet able to find medical answers Under the ethical principles for centuries Therefore initiated a charity walk "Roche Children's Walk" (Roch Chillers Walk) to raise money for helping improve the quality of life and support education in schools and orphanages in Malawi. By focusing on work skills training and giving opportunities for Malawi youth to have a better living

Currently, Roche Chiller's Walk project has been successful in helping more than 17,000 orphans worldwide, including donations of more than 456 million baht by the Roche Group. Will continue to continue to strive for social return through the help and support of children and youth as hope To create a sustainable national future

Mr. Phillip Mayer, General Manager of Roche Thailand Company Limited, said, "Roche Chiller's Walk project originated from the important policy of the Roche Group. That is aware of the responsibility and ethics in helping and rewarding society We believe that the success of the business is linked to the social progress and the quality of life of the people in the society in which we operate. In addition, Roch Chiller's Walk is a project that collects volunteer power. Of employees in the Roche Group around the world To help disadvantaged children to have a better quality of life We have worked with many partner organizations such as ECPP (ECPP: European Coalition of Positive People), UNICEF (UNICEF), Switzerland and ActionAid to be able to forward assistance to those in need. Fast and thorough "

The Roch Children's Walk activity first took place in 2003 and continues among the employees of the Roche Group, which has 141 offices in 70 countries around the world. The proceeds from the funding will be divided into two parts. Part to help children in Malawi And another part to help children In the country in which Roche operates Including in Thailand

"We look forward to changing and improving the quality of life of people in Thai society sustainably," said Pichetpong Srisuwankul, Managing Director of Roche Mechanics (Thailand) Company Limited . Ch has jointly organized Roach Children Walk activities for more than 13 years. The employees have jointly organized volunteer activities within the organization through activities such as charity walk To raise funds fully with solidarity and the common goal is Helping youth in various areas Who still need help, we see that besides sending help to children Which is considered to help develop society sustainably This project also helps send encouragement and spark hope for children. Have stepped forward For a better future as well For this year's event held under the theme " Go ahead today For a better tomorrow "can raise funds of 800,000 baht, half of which has been allocated to help children in Malawi according to the initial concept of the project And the other half of our staff were handed over to Setthasatien School In the royal patronage To support learning and develop students' self-reliance ability. "

The management and employees of the Roche Group of Companies organized the Roche Children's Walk activity by joining the walk to promote health with the children of Setthasathien School In the royal patronageAnd participated in the planting of vegetable garden in the sufficiency garden project With lunch To deliver happiness Including supporting learning and developing self-reliance abilities And is the starting point for inspiring children Recognizing that people with physical disabilities can grow into quality adults in society as well. 

Sethasatian School Is a school for hearing impaired children Which aims to enable students to be self-reliant to live in a happy society through academic and professional development to their full potential by Dr. Panadda Wongchanta, Director of the School Revealed that In addition to the Roach Chill Drugs activity, this will help inspire students to exercise by walking to promote health. The Roche staff came to join the planting of vegetable garden together with children. In the Sufficient Herb Garden Project Also support learning and develop students' self-reliance ability By an adequate herb garden that children And Roche employees have worked together to create this achievement Will be another good memory together And is the starting point of inspiration Allowing students to realize that people with physical disabilities have the potential to develop themselves to grow into quality adults in society as well.

About Roche

Roche is a leading pharmaceutical and diagnostic product company. Focus on creating scientific progress to improve health and improve the quality of life of people. Roche is the largest biotech company in the world. Is the inventor of drugs that are outstanding in cancer treatment Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Ophthalmology and Neurology Roche is also a world leader in laboratory diagnostics. Cancer diagnosis from a piece of meatAnd being a pioneer in diabetes management Combining strengths in pharmaceutical products and diagnostic tests, Roche is a leader in personalized treatment strategies. Personal Healthcare, which aims to match the most appropriate treatment for each patient

Roche was founded in 2001. 2439 and continues to develop ways to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases in order to create sustainable benefits for society. Over 29 pharmaceutical products that Roche invented Which includes antibiotics Anti-malaria drugs And cancer treatment Is included in the World Health Organization's Model Lists of Essential Medicines list. Moreover Roche is also recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices as a leader in sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry. Biotechnology And biosciences for 7 consecutive years

The Roche Group is headquartered in Basel. Switzerland And moving in more than 100 countries. In 2015, Roche has more than 91,700 employees worldwide and invests more than 9.3 billion Swiss francs for research and development. And generating sales of more than 48.1 billion Swiss francs The Roche Group holds all shares of Genentech in the United States. In addition, Roche also holds a majority stake in Chugai Pharmaceutical Company. Japan For more information Can visit the website 

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