Roche Children’s Walk 2017

Roche donates for education through “Roche Children’s Walk”

Roche and employees join annual fundraising event for children, aspiring to uplift quality of life for a “Better Tomorrow


Bangkok, June 21, 2017 – Roche Diagnostics (Thailand) Ltd. and Roche Thailand Ltd. organize the annual “Roche Children’s Walk”. In its 14th ongoing year, the philanthropic attempt raises 940,000 Baht donation from employees and the company for children in Malawi and Thailand. Moreover, volunteers participate in activities with children from the Father Ray Foundation in Chonburi province.

Every year, Roche worldwide company sites unite for Roche Children’s Walk for a good cause. Since its launch in 2003, Roche Children’s Walk has propelled under the “Walk Today for a Better Tomorrow” concept. Over 200,000 Roche employees from 145 sites in 70 countries around the world commit to this annual fundraising effort. The funds are allocated to health and education projects for children in 90 countries worldwide, including Thailand. Additionally, Roche doubles the donation raised by employees as part of the contribution.

“This campaign initiates from employees’ intention to help and give back to society. We understand the significance of children development, both in Thailand and Malawi in South Africa, which is among the least developed countries with the highest poverty rate in the world. We want better quality lives for them.” explains Mr. Pichetpong Srisuwankul, Managing Director, Roche Diagnostics (Thailand) Ltd. “This is our 14thyear, both companies are overwhelmed with this event. We get a chance to share and fulfill necessities for the foundations in need. This is our effort to drive better quality living in Thailand.”

Mr. Philippe Meyer, General Manager, Roche Thailand Ltd. elaborates that “aside from a social development aspect, this event instills our employees with a sense of a “giver”. Last year, one of our employees was selected to visit projects in Africa supported by Roche. She shared with us the profound experience of “giving” and how the life of children in Malawi are like. This enriches our corporate culture and makes it a better place.”

Thailand’s 14th Roche Children’s Walk campaign organized a fundraising event and gathered donations, without deducting any costs, from employees in Thailand at Roche Diagnostics (Thailand) Ltd. and Roche Thailand Ltd. wherein the sum will be donated to a children’s foundation in Thailand. This year, the donation is 470,000 Baht, highest ever achieved while Roche contributed an additional 470,000 Baht to conclude at 940,000 Baht. Roche donates half of the amount to Father Ray Foundation, a 43-year-old foundation established by Father Raymond Allyn Brennan C.Ss.R. The foundation helps and raises over 900 less fortunate children and disabled individuals in the different age range from infants, children, teenagers, to adults. For the remaining amount (470,000 Baht), Roche will further donate to philanthropic projects in Malawi.

Aside from the donation, the children welcomed visitors with performances. Three boys from the Center for Children with Special Needs who have Autism and Down syndrome performed a magic talent show. Afterward, a chorus and guitarist from the Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind took the stage. The shows brought joy, smiles, applauses, and great impression to over 70 of Roche management committee and employees as well as 141 children from the Father Ray Day Care Center and Center for Children with Special Needs.

Then, Roche volunteers and the children enjoyed a Children’s Walk t-shirt painting activity. Volunteers advise the children from the Center for Children with Special Needs on their favorite colors which ignited delightful smiles and happiness. This heartwarming activity also promotes confidence for the children from their handmade art.

Mrs. Nattapat Chanyapoon, Medical Value Marketing Manager, volunteer from Roche Diagnostics (Thailand) Ltd. mentions that “I’m very glad to be part of Roche Children’s Walk and to be giving back to society. I believe that we may not be born equal but we have a choice to share. I’m very impressed with the children at the Father Ray Foundation, they work hard for a great performance. They may be physically disabled but their spirit is not. They are ready, determined, and they need moral support.”





“I arrive as a “giver” but leaving as a “receiver”. I learn that where there’s a will, there’s a way. I like the chorus, I observed a small effort that is actually huge and it feels great.” Mr. Thanarat Sakulkolchak, Human Resources Manager, Roche Thailand Ltd. expresses. “The event is a great opportunity. What is important and necessary for the children is an opportunity and a place for the children to grow up in the society. I think this event and the foundation has the same objectives, we want to build that space for the children. I want to tell the children to always try and never give up. We may not share a similar starting point but if we try, our day will come, our opportunity will come.”

Representatives from the Center for Children with Special Needs share their feelings about the event before the activity concluded with a lunch gathering at the Foundatio

“I had so much fun especially when my friends sing. I also enjoyed the t-shirt painting session because I get to express my creativity. I wish you would visit again. Thank you very much for taking the time to visit us. Please visit us again” states 19-year-old Mr. Thakrit Paiboonwuttichoke (Ohm), a child with disability categories 2, 4, and 5 (communication, psychological, behavioral, and mentality).

Mr. Paitoon Iam-noo (Jame), a 22-year-old with disability category 5 (mentality), proudly shows his painted t-shirt and states “I had so much fun. I like the t-shirt and stucco painting activity because I did it all by myself. I wish you all great success and please come back again. Also, please bring me some dolls.”

“Today is like every day but I’m happier because I get to meet all of you and play. I like to paint, it’s fun. I wish that you all come back again because I love you. Please visit us again.” states Mr. Jessada Kiewkajee (Tik), a 13-year-old boy with disability level 5 (mentality), before cheerfully walking back to join his friends.

“Raising a child is not only the family’s responsibility, it is also the friends, school, media, and society. They all affect child development at different age groups. It is like the saying “it takes a village to raise a child.” The Foundation takes part in helping the children and disabled to find self-esteem and experience good quality living.” elaborates Rev Pattarapong Srivorakul C.Ss.R., President, Father Ray Foundation. “I wish to thank Roche for supporting the Foundation. If you want to further support us, you can also donate other necessities, we have over 10 projects. It will help us improve our care for the children with love and provide them with the necessities of life, social skills, as well as education. We prepare them for a career within their capabilities in the future.”

Roche Children’s Walk is a flagship project that drives Roche’s employees worldwide. The “Walk” project began in 2003 and, in 13 years, over 200,000 Roche employees around the world contributed over 15.4 million Swiss Franc or 537.55 million Baht to less fortunate children which enhanced better living for a stronger society in the years to come.