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Roche Thailand relieves caregivers’ burdens by partnering with SCB to enhance medical access for cancer and hemophilia patients


Roche Thailand, a global pioneer in Pharmaceuticals and personalised healthcare has joined with Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) to launch its premier medical loans for the treatment of breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, lymphoma, and hemophilia. Under the Roche Patient Support Solutions (RPSS) program, the loans aims to help alleviate cost concerns and boost financial liquidity for caregivers, as well as enhance access to the treatment options specifically targeted individual patients, which in turn lead to higher overall survival rate and better quality of life.

Cancer is regarded as one of the leading health crises that threatens the lives and well-being of people in Thailand and around the world for several consecutive years. In 2020, cancer accounted for over 124,866 deaths in Thailand[1]  or 14 deaths hourly – as the mortality rate is projected to soar by 68.2% in the next two decades.[2] Therefore, timely access to efficacious treatment is instrumental in increasing the survival rate, improving both patients and caregivers’ quality of lives, and avoiding major losses in workforce which can hinder Thailand’s impending economic growth. The medical loan also covers the treatment of hemophilia, which is a rare genetic disorder in which the patients have to administer the blood clotting concentrate by injections at home, or travel to the hospital every time a bleeding episode starts. As a result, 72% or the majority of hemophilia patients in Thailand, which are under 18 years of age,[3] are often absent from school and restricted from strenuous activities. Moreover, their caregivers need to take time off work to assist with doctor visits and afford medical bills. Since there is no cure for the disease, access to prophylaxis is vital in helping hemophilia patients and their caregivers to achieve a close to normal life, as well as to reduce bleeding frequency, especially in vital organs, which could lead to long-term deformities or even death.

In recognition of the importance of comprehensive and equitable access to innovative medicines, Roche Thailand has partnered with Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) to provide financial assistance to caregivers who are immediate family members of the patients. The medical loans cover the treatment of breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, lymphoma and hemophilia. Loan applicants are eligible for a low interest rate of 7.5% per annum for up to 12 monthly instalments.

Mr. Farid Bidgoli, General Manager, Roche Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos stated, “Nowadays a large number of cancer and hemophilia patients still lack access to quality and innovative treatments, mainly due to their financial burdens. Therefore, Roche Thailand is committed to assisting the needs of patients and caregivers by relieving their anxiety and supporting greater access to treatments. We are delighted to collaborate with a partner with SCB, and look forward to offering our bank assistance with exceptional interest rates under the Roche Patient Support Solutions (RPSS) program. We aim to improve treatment outcomes and patients’ quality of lives. For 50 years since our establishment in the country, Roche Thailand has a strong commitment to be a driving force in improving the local healthcare system by fostering multi-stakeholder partnerships with public and private sectors. We will continue to bridge the unmet medical needs of Thais and better the quality of medical care.” 

Dr. Chalee Asavathiratham, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Banking Officer of Siam Commercial Bank said: “SCB is concerned and aware of the severity of cancer, the second leading cause of death worldwide. Its treatment costs are among major challenges for both patients and caregivers. Therefore, to help alleviate the financial burdens and concerns, we have partnered with Roche Thailand, a global pioneer in Pharmaceuticals and personalised healthcare to roll out the ‘Medical Loans for Cancer and Hemophilia Treatments’ under the Roche Patient Support Solutions (RPSS) program. SCB is committed to supporting and caring for our customers during medical adversity and we truly hope that this partnership will be a driving force in improving survival rate and patients’ quality of lives, relieving anxiety and financial hardship, as well as regaining a sense of control to venture through the treatment journey with your loved ones.” 

The ‘Medical Loans for Cancer and Hemophilia Treatments’ is open for application on 17 May 2021 onwards. For more information about the medical loans, applicant qualifications and conditions, please visit or call 02-161-4948 to contact the Independent Processing Services (IPS).




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