Cancer is a life-threatening disease and global health crisis that have affected the livelihood of Thais and people around the world for more than two decades.

Like it or not, this disease can creep up to us and our loved ones without warning, despite regular self-care.  

The future one has envisioned can be shattered by panic, depression and grim hope, as past happiness is replaced with challenges of dealing with the disease. It can effect anyone, from family heads having many mouths to feed to young people striving for their dreams. Therefore, it is not only important for a patient to receive adequate care and personalised treatment, but encouragement from family and friends is a vital part in fighting the disease as well. With the right support, patients will try their best to overcome the disease with valuable lessons in knowledge acquisition, budgeting and time management. 


Personalised solutions for patients and caregivers to target diseases

Roche Thailand understands the needs and challenges of patients and caregivers overcoming life-threatening diseases. Therefore, we have joined forces with our like-minded partners to roll out solutions that will help eliminate any challenges throughout the patient journey. 

To tackle with the difficulties accessing accurate, reliable and up-to-date health information, Agnos, an online patient community platform, utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to analyse individual symptoms and risks, so patients do not have to waste time and money for hospital visit. The application then suggests an appropriate triage and self-care methodology, along with locations of certified pharmacies. Consequently, this helps to reduce the workload of healthcare workers and hospital overflow. The Agnos application can be downloaded free of charge on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Knowing that it is essential to access efficacious medicines, Roche Thailand has initiated the Patient Access Program (PAP) since 2014 to enable the access to Roche’s treatments for patients with financial constraints or patients whose symptoms require medicines that are not covered by their reimbursement schemes. So far, the PAP has helped over 5,000 participating patients nationwide, as Roche Thailand is committed to do our best to support them.

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Moreover, to assist in financial liquidity for patients and caregivers who have to bear their own medical expenses or advance payments, Roche Thailand has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Krungthai Card Public Company Limited to offer the 6- and 10-month installment payment plan at 0% interest to support the access of Roche's product with KTC credit cards. Patients under the care of oncologists are eligible for such installment payment plan. Roche Thailand also joins hand with other private sector partners, who are ready to step in to work together, to assist to patients and caregivers in the future. 

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Even for patients with rare conditions, no one should be left behind. Roche Thailand offers on-going support for children with haemophilia, an inherited bleeding disorder commonly found in boys. Symptoms may include severe bleeding into vital organs, such as the abdomen or the brain, which can be life threatening to haemophilia patients. Roche Thailand has a long-term goal of uplift physical and emotion development of haemophilia children and their caregivers. This is done through self-care education program to reduce joint injuries and empower the patients to live a close-to-normal life – going to school and socializing with others, so they grow up to be responsible members of the society. 


The choice to strive forward, despite health challenges 

Although a serious disease may thwart the future that one dreams of, but if tackled with proper care and effective management of time and resources, there is no problem too big to overcome. Roche Thailand strives to be one of the driving forces to deliver the personalised healthcare approach, with solutions for patients and caregivers designed to meet the various needs throughout the patient journey. The betterment of the Thai healthcare system is our ultimate goal, and we are committed to doing everything we can to cater “personalised healthcare” to meet the needs of the patients and caregivers in the future.