Celebrating 100,000,000 steps for children with hemophilia in Thailand


Bangkok, 3 July 2020 - Every year in June, Roche employees around the world raise funds internally from various fundraising activities and donate the funds to underprivileged children in developing countries such as Malawi, Ethiopia, Nepal, Kenya and all countries where Roche has operations, including Thailand. Funds are applied to local NGOs or channeled through the Roche Employee Action and Charity Trust (Re&Act), a legally independent charity.

So far, 123 Roche sites across 54 countries are finding ways to walk and support the vulnerable children who now, more than ever, need our support.

This year, for obvious reasons, we have not been able to deliver the fundraising activities in the usual way, but we have been so inspired by the creativity of Roche Thailand employees, performing activities virtually while under a stay-at-home directive and with social distancing in place. 

In Thailand, Roche employees funds will be going to the National Hemophilia Foundation of Thailand helping children with hemophilia to have a better quality of life. 

Starting in April during COVID-19, one of our fundraising goals was to achieve 100,000,000 steps by the 16th June 2020, in our STEP CHALLENGE; if we could achieve this, the company would make a special contribution and would contribute double the amount raised by employees. 

On the 16th June, which was the official Children's Walk Day, Roche Thailand employees reached the target, achieving over 100,000,000 steps. It's so amazing to see how united we were with a creative, collaborative and patient centric mindset , WE MADE IT HAPPEN.

“Personally, I always love walking and running and therefore, when the company launched this campaign with the goal of supporting children with hemophilia, it drove me to wake up earlier to count my steps. Walking and running was the first thing I did in the morning for the past few months” said Thanchanok Vongpattanasin, Medical Value Lead, the top contributor of the step challenge.

“It’s amazing to see that colleagues in Thailand achieved this goal during this pandemic, although we couldn’t walk together physically this year, sharing moments of the step challenges via the online community from home with our families will be memorable for me” said Kanhoksak Covigkai, Scrum Master, Roche Thailand.

In Thailand, we have extended the fundraising period to 16th September this year instead of 16th June, this includes the on-going activity through the internal online market place where employees from both pharma and diagnostics can buy and sell items to raise more funds.

Another positive outcome of the fundraising events is that our employees have commented that they have had a feeling of well-being and connection with each other while doing the virtual challenges via the online community from home and at the same time a feeling of doing good for children with hemophilia.

For more information about Roche Children’s Walk, please visit

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