Roche releases a digital platform for People with Diabetes and Healthcare Professionals in Thailand

  • COVID-19 is acting as a catalyst for the Thai healthcare system stakeholders to join forces and collaborate to accelerate digital technology adoption.

  • There are 4.3 million People with Diabetes in Thailand, of which just over half are diagnosed and from those diagnosed and treated, only a third are achieving their treatment targets.

Bangkok, 9 December 2020 – Roche has released a digital platform, a state of the art clinician software providing meaningful, actionable insights and user friendly format. This is a holistic, patient-centred therapeutic approach with the ultimate goal of personalising diabetes management to streamline care, improve clinical outcomes and facilitates communication between patients and their healthcare team.

Roche Diabetes Care's digital platform securely collects and holds all patient related health data originating from various RDC sources, and allows the company to interoperate, integrate and cross-leverage own and partners’ solutions globally. The ultimate goal being to enable analytics services and creation of insights based on the solutions running on the platform and to offer truly personalized services for people with diabetes.

In the near future, the RDC clinician software will be complemented by a dedicated Diabetes management patient smartphone app, allowing them to benefit from predictive alerts while physicians will then check remotely certain patterns in the connected dedicate software.

Mihai Irimescu, Head of Asia Emerging Markets at Roche Diabetes Care, said “we are very proud to have introduced the concept of iPDM – integrated personalized Diabetes Management to Thai market. This is a patient-centric, holistic approach, which aims to collect and integrate all disease-relevant data points into a single platform, to help physicians and other stakeholders make better treatment decisions that can be personalized for each patient.”

iPDM has proven to improve the clinical outcome of patients. In a 12-months study, more than 900 type 2 diabetes patients and 100 physicians were randomized into two groups. Patients in the control group continued to receive their usual standard care, while patients in the iPDM group followed a structured iPDM approach, which involved patient education on diabetes and self-monitoring, regular self-measurement and documentation of blood glucose level, the sharing of data to a data platform for systematic analysis, following a personalized treatment plan based on the analysis and discussions with their physician, and subsequent follow-up visits to the physician’s clinic to assess treatment effectiveness. After 12 months, patients in the iPDM group experienced better glycemic control with greater blood glucose reduction compared to those in the control group, and physicians reported patients had better treatment adherence and satisfaction1.

An ever growing number of public and private hospitals in Thailand are starting to enable telemedicine services, such as tele-screening, tele-consultation and remote patient monitoring and coaching. Currently, Roche Diabetes Care is working closely with local private-public partnerships to connect our blood glucose monitoring devices to the existing telehealth platforms. 

Dr. Nitchakarn Laichuthai, Endocrinologist, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital said; “Digital tools provide a seamless connection between healthcare providers and people with diabetes. The cloud-based data sharing system helps physicians gain more insight into the patients' glucose profiles, moving the hospital-centric care towards personalized treatment for people with diabetes.”

“With the advancement of digital technologies these days, in healthcare industry in particular, it reshapes the way of treatments and enable patients to change their lifestyle modification to have a better health outcome. Patients are starting to learn and use technology to keep track of their health through personal-use medical devices that can take vital information and monitor glucose level per our recommendations. We can get a deep dive look at online diabetes management platform, which takes less time to gathering the data, and can have more time to give consultation to the patient”; said Dr. Akapol Phisarn, General practitioner and Hospital Director, BanTakhun Hospital

Having this connectivity established and adding the treatment insights from the patient & physician digital tools mentioned before, creates a seamless eco-system where people with diabetes can be offered all these services, while their disease and therapy data is captured in the electronic hospital record systems and connected or complemented with other relevant disease or treatment data. This is very relevant, because in Thailand many people with diabetes are also treated for diabetes-related complications.

According to Mihai Irimescu, “at Roche Diabetes Care we truly believe that the challenge presented by the COVID-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst for all Thailand healthcare system stakeholders to join forces and collaborate to accelerate digital technology adoption. At Roche Diabetes Care, we are very pleased to be actively driving this goal for the benefit of Thai Diabetic patients, healthcare system and society at large”.


  1. Kulzer B, Daenschel W, Daenschel I, Schramm W, Messinger D, Weissmann J, Vesper I, Parkin CG, Heinemann L (2018). Integrated personalized diabetes management improves glycemic control in patients with insulin-treated type 2 diabetes: Results of the PDM-ProValue study program. Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2018 Oct;144:200-212


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